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Nobody likes to think about infidelity but unfortunately it’s something that can happen to anyone. FoxHoundPros Investigators can get you the answers you need to either confirm your suspicions or set your mind at ease. Our vetted and top-rated investigators have years of surveillance experience and know what to look for and how to get you the evidence that you need. Call 918-710-9198 to speak to an investigator now or simply feel out the form below and we’ll have an Investigator contact you at a time of your choosing. As always, FoxHoundPros is completely discreet and confidential. We don’t charge retainers and we provide top-rated Investigators at low-hourly rates. Call today.

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FoxHoundPros is a technology platform connecting consumers to the best, most cost-effective qualified private
investigator available.
FoxHoundPros is not a private investigator agency.